Humans of the COOP

20181112_123927-1[1]Following the example of Brandon Stanton’s project “Humans of New-York” (, the 204 pupils have participated in a project in English : “Humans of the coop”. They had to take a picture of them or something they liked and tell a story about it.

They started studying Brandon Stanton’s photographs so as to identify the technique he used. They played a guessing game on some of Stanton’s pictures in groups, limited in time. They had to cooperate to have as many answers as possible.20180928_081413[1] Focusing on the text told by the photographed persons, they realised they would have to use the present tense, the past tense and express future. Thus, they started working in groups on a revision sheet. It had to be colourful and neat. 20180928_083426[1]They all did a very serious job in matching text and photograph insisting, for some of them, on their tastes or special moments of their lives. Some others have even made the effort to take a childhood photo. 20181001_095510[1]They finally typed it and organised it the way they liked. It was a good way for them to get to know each other meanwhile discovering people overseas randomly picked in the streets by Stanton. They could identify with them for they read multiple HONY stories. They also let go of their imagination by practising the writing of HONY stories with pictures they liked. As a result, their works have been displayed in the classroom. It was a way to make the classroom look nicer and show that this place belongs to them : is part of their everyday life. So, if you feel like knowing a bit more about the personalities of the 204 pupils, sneak into the classroom and indulge in reading. I wish to thank the class for their great job.

Miss Angué for the COOP




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